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Non-Proliferation and Policy Making Organs

Non-Proliferation and Policy Making Organs

The Non-Proliferation and Policy Making Organs Section (Section B) is primarily responsible for:

Safeguards and Non-Proliferation

Section B provides legal advice to the Office of the Director General, the Department of Safeguards and the Policy Making Organs on issues related to safeguards and non-proliferation

Section B is responsible for the drafting and interpretation of safeguards agreements based on INFCIRC/153 (Corrected) or INFCIRC/66/Rev.2, and protocols thereto (such as those based on the Model Additional Protocol published in INFCIRC/540 (Corrected) (and INFCIRC/540/Corr.1), as well as small quantity protocols based on GOV/INF/276/Annex B. Section B is also responsible for providing advice on legal issues relating to such safeguards agreements and participates in various internal (Information Review Committee) and external (Liaison Committees) committees dealing with safeguards implementation. Section B also provides training to IAEA inspectors and support staff on legal issues related to safeguards and non-proliferation.

In this connection, Section B also deals with questions arising with reference to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and the nuclear-weapon-free zone treaties, including the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America (Tlatelolco Treaty), South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty (Rarotonga Treaty), Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone Treaty (Treaty of Bangkok) and African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty (Pelindaba Treaty).

Section B is responsible for legal issues associated with other aspects of non-proliferation, including IAEA activities pursuant to relevant Board of Governors and UN Security Council resolutions.

Project and Supply Agreements

In the context of Technical Cooperation, Section B prepares drafts and provides legal advice on Project and Supply Agreements, through which the IAEA assists Member States in securing equipment and materials.

Legislative Assistance

Section B, in cooperation with Section C, also provides legislative assistance to Member States in the preparation of national laws and regulations related to the implementation of their safeguards and non-proliferation undertakings.

Policy-Making Organs

Finally, Section B is responsible for providing advice on matters related to the Statute of the IAEA and the conduct of the meetings of the Board of Governors and the General Conference, including the interpretation and application the Rules of Procedures of the General Conference and the Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Board of Governors.