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Nuclear Law Institute

Teaching Methodology

Drawing on modern teaching methods based on interaction and practice, the NLI provides a combination of "impulse" lectures covering the fundamentals of nuclear law; facilitated small-group (so-called "TOP") sessions focusing on the implementation of the information from the lectures; and a number of legislative drafting exercises.

An "impulse" lecture is a lecture lasting no longer than 40-45 minutes with strong key messages and a clear learning objective leading into smaller group sessions, so-called TOP Sessions.

TOP sessions are intended to give participants the opportunity to discuss in a structured manner the content of the lecture and relate it to their own experience and objectives.

In addition, Special Sessions allow participants to gain in-depth knowledge of ancillary topics of specific interest.

The Issue Forum concludes the training session by allowing participants to present the results of a special project assigned to them during the course.

The learning process is complemented by printed and on-line material.


The NLI takes place over a two-week period and addresses the following aspects of nuclear law:

  • Nuclear Safety (including transport of radioactive material)
  • Nuclear Security
  • Safeguards and Non-proliferation
  • Nuclear Liability and Insurance

In addition, the following specific subjects are addressed in the context of Special Sessions:

  • The Relationships between Environmental Law and Nuclear Law
  • Nuclear Safety Culture
  • Financial Aspects of Decommissioning
  • Small and Medium Size Reactors
  • Transparency and Stakeholder Involvement

Teaching Staff

All lectures and presentations are delivered by well-known experts from the IAEA and other institutions.