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Nuclear Law Institute


Participation in the NLI takes place within the framework of relevant IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) project INT0096 "Establishing and Enhancing National Legal Frameworks for Safe, Secure and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and Ionizing Radiation". Participants are thus selected  among candidates nominated by Member States. Interested Member States are invited to propose candidates through the appropriate governmental channels. Applications submitted directly by candidates will not be considered.

In order to allow the broadest representation of IAEA Member States, and due to the limited number of places available, only one candidate per Member State will be considered. 

Candidates should be legal experts or regulators employed in governments and relevant national agencies involved in the drafting of nuclear-related national legislation.

Candidates should have an excellent knowledge of English, including, as far as possible, legal terminology. Neither translation nor interpretation into any other language will be provided for the training session.

Candidates are required to attend t he entire duration of the NLI course.

Application Form

Nominations to the NLI should be submitted online through the InTouch+ system (https://intouchplus.iaea.org/). In case, this is not possible, nominations may be submitted on the Nomination Form for Training Course available on the IAEA website: https://www.iaea.org/technicalcooperation/How-to-take-part/train-course/index.html        

Completed forms should be endorsed by relevant national authorities and sent to IAEA (E-Mail: Official.Mail@iaea.org), through the official channels, i.e. the National Liaison Officer, not later than 7 May 2018.

Cost and Funding

Participation in the NLI is free of charge. The IAEA will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of participants as per IAEA rules and practices.