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Nuclear Law Institute

2 - 13 October 2017

Nuclear Law Institute

The two-week Nuclear Law Institute for 2017 is scheduled for 2 to 13 October 2017 and will be held in Austria.

To Apply


All applications must be submitted through InTouch http://intouch.iaea.org
and linked to training course RAF0048/02.       

Registration for this training course is open until 5 May 2017 cob.



The Nuclear Law Institute was established by the IAEA in order to meet the increasing demand for legislative assistance by Member States.
Every year, the Institute offers intensive training for two weeks in Vienna for up to sixty lawyers  in all areas of nuclear law and in drafting corresponding national legislation.

Nuclear energy may pose special risks to the health and safety of persons and to the environment. At the same time, nuclear energy holds significant benefits in a variety of fields – from medicine, agriculture and industry to electricity production. Its dual nature, combined with the complexity of nuclear science, explains why, from the earliest days of its development to its most modern uses, nuclear energy has been considered to require special legal arrangements, in order to ensure that it is safely and securely managed.

For many years, the IAEA has assisted Member States individually and on a regional basis in developing their respective national laws for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation.

In light of the increasing number and complexity of international instruments adopted in the areas of nuclear safety, security, safeguards and liability, and in order to better meet the demand from Member States for legislative assistance, specifically for training and for capacity building, the Office of Legal Affairs decided in 2011 to streamline its legislative assistance activities by establishing a Nuclear Law Institute, in cooperation with the Department of Technical Cooperation.

Following the positive feedback received with regard to the 2011 Session, the Secretariat has decided to henceforth organize the NLI as an annual event.

Training Objective

By the end of the training session, participants should have acquired a solid understanding of all aspects of nuclear law and be able to draft, amend or review national nuclear legislation.


Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.