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Legislative Assistance

Legislative Assistance 

The Programme

Member States have long recognized that coherent and comprehensive national legal frameworks are essential for ensuring the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

In the past few years, the growing number of international instruments and their complexity have increased the demand for assistance by Member States. 

Nuclear law specialists are at the disposal of Member States to help in this regard.


The programme:

  • Creates awareness in Member States of the international instruments in the nuclear field;
  • Assists Member States in complying with their international obligations and commitments;
  • Assists Member States in establishing national legal frameworks governing the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear energy;
  • Transfers relevant knowledge to Member States.


The programme covers all branches of nuclear law:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Nuclear security
  • Safeguards
  • Liability for nuclear damage.


The programme is implemented through:

  • National and regional training courses and seminars
  • Bilateral assistance in drafting national laws
  • Training of individuals 
  • Developing reference material.

Handbook on Nuclear Law

The 2003 Handbook on Nuclear Law sets out the basic principles. The 2010 Handbook on Nuclear Law: Implementing Legislation focuses on the practical side of drafting national laws by providing model provisions and examples of national laws.

Who Can Obtain Legislative Assistance

Legislative assistance is provided on request and is available to all Member States, regardless of the size of their nuclear programme.

Legislative assistance would be of particular benefit to those States which are either in the process of establishing new laws, updating existing laws or consolidating their existing national nuclear legal framework, or are seeking to do so.

How to Obtain Legislative Assistance

Member States wishing to benefit from IAEA legislative assistance activities should contact the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs.